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    Offshore Accident Lawyer: Pengacara Kecelakaan Lepas Pantai dan Pelaut

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    Working abroad can be fun, but it can also be dangerous. No matter how many safety precautions you take, accidents and injuries are common — and sometimes fatal. Offshore workers can suffer serious injuries caused by hazardous conditions on offshore platforms, crewed vessels, jack-up rigs, and tankers, and at sea itself. Workers are often inadequately trained and work long hours with little rest, making the risk of injury even higher.

    When serious injury occurs in an offshore accident, it can be emotionally and financially devastating for the victim. It can also be difficult to determine where to start to recover damage from personal injury or unnatural death. A good place to start is contacting an offshore accident attorney with experience in personal injury and maritime law who can handle the complex details of your case and help you get the best possible recovery.

    Common Causes of Offshore Accidents

    Offshore and oilfield accidents are often preventable. They can occur during basket transfers, line handling, ship collisions, and diving operations. Many of the same accidents you encounter in many workplaces, such as equipment failure and slips and falls. But because working offshore is a more high-risk workplace environment, injuries can also result from fire or explosion.

    Despite the huge budgets associated with the oil industry, there is sometimes very little training and supervision on the oil rigs. This type of employer negligence can result in an unsafe work environment that causes unqualified employees to perform hazardous tasks that are not properly trained, resulting in serious injury.

    Offshore accidents usually result in head trauma, spinal cord injury, severed limbs, and other serious injuries. These injuries are often specifically caused by:

    • Oil rig injury. Workers on oil rigs use cumbersome and cumbersome equipment to drill and perform other tasks. Many workers are not properly trained on how to use the required equipment, which increases the risk of offshore accidents caused by human error.
    • Deck crash. The oil rig deck can be a chaotic environment where frenzied workers must be constantly on the lookout. Workers are surrounded by tripping hazards, falling hazards, electrical hazards, being run over, and pinch point hazards. They can easily get hit by heavy equipment, slip on wet surfaces, or fall when the boat’s sudden shock causes them to lose their balance.
    • Equipment failure. When equipment on an offshore vessel fails, it can result in a number of serious injuries. Workers can be burned or electrocuted, run over, and even lose limbs. Operating machinery on an oil rig requires a high level of care to prevent injury.
    • Fire and explosion. Although uncommon, fires and explosions are some of the deadliest causes of offshore accidents. They can occur as a result of improper fuel storage, poorly maintained pipelines, or collisions between ships. In the event of a fire, workers may have to jump from the rig into the sea — often from a height of at least 100 feet. Although workers are usually trained in the correct way to jump, the stress of the situation can result in a jump causing severe injury or drowning. Accidents caused by fire and injuries can result in life-changing injuries and even the loss of the entire ship (and the people on board).
    • Another ship. Injuries are also common on tugs and barges. This includes overboard falls, tow line splits, and heavy line handling. If helicopters are used to transport workers off the coast, there is a risk of injury from a helicopter crash.

    When you have experienced any type of offshore accident, whatever the cause, it can be both physical and emotional. You may find yourself trying to heal from your injury while figuring out how to handle the loss of regular and substantial paychecks that support your family. Our offshore accident attorneys in Austin, Texas, are here to help you determine the cause of your accident and the best way to get you back on your feet financially.

    Damage in Case of Offshore Accident

    Offshore accidents can destroy you and your family. You may have an injury that requires extensive and ongoing medical attention and rehabilitation


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