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    The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 8 : Release Date, spoilers

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    The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 8 Release Date:
    Season 33 Episode 8 of The Simpsons will air on Fox on November 28, 2021. To begin, “Portrait of a Lackey on Fire” is the title of this episode. Second, Steven Dean Moore was in charge of this chapter’s direction.

    Finally, the episode’s script was written by Johnny and Rob LaZebnik. Fourth, Victor Garber as Michael will appear as a guest star in this episode, which will focus on the life of Waylon Smithers. Christine Baranski is Christine Baranski, and Christian Siriano is Christian Siriano.

    The Simpsons Season 33 episode 8 spoilers
    The Simpsons will move forward will political correctness and the whole representation trend in this episode.

    Firstly, Waylon Smithers will be the center of this chapter. While previously coming out of the closet in the 2016 episode “The Burns Cage,” the quirky assistant to Mr. Montgomery Burns from Sector 7-G will now have his own romantic love story.

    Secondly, Smithers will fall in love with a fashion designer, more specifically, Michael De Graaf, voiced by Victor Garber.

    In regards to the love story, the producers kept the lid tight, not giving away any details. Still, the episode marks a landmark when it comes to representation and inclusion in shows like The Simpsons with a long-running

    story on the screen. This episode was penned by Johnny and Rob LaZebnik, who focused on explaining how it is that two gay men meet in each other and fall in love.

    This is something that might seem ordinary, but the writers felt like they needed to explain the concept of a relationship as an alien thing to the audience.


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